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The Alewife Study Group -
concerned neighborhood residents
(a statement from 1999):

One result of our work is the first-in-the-nation asbestos protection ordinance,
passed by the Cambridge City Council Nov. 1, 1999.

To get more information or to participate
call your neighbor, Ronnie Millar, at 617-441-8956
or email us at

City-wide asbestos protection ordinance,
including important tent-and-vent requirement,
passed unanimously by Cambridge City Council, Nov. 1, 1999

Our community made a difference! Thank you!
  • At the start of the City Council meeting, only four of the nine councilors supported the ordinance
  • Councilors said the neighbors' overwhelming support -
    • many emails and phone calls before the meeting
    • persuasive testimony of over sixty residents at the meeting
    made the crucial difference in the unanimous ordinance vote.
Thanks to the each of the Councilors and to the Public Health Department for their support.
Special thanks to City Councilor Katherine Triantafillou who took the lead in crafting this "first in the nation" Asbestos Protection Ordinance. Katherine ensured that the Ordinance addressed the concerns of both the neighbors and the City's Public Health Department.