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Protecting Kids from Asbestos

On Monday, November 1, Cambridge City Council will vote on whether to pass a health ordinance protecting the community from industrial levels of asbestos in soil. Some developers do not want the law passed so they can avoid testing the soil, and avoid protecting the public if large amounts of asbestos are found.

What the Environmental Protection Agency says:
"The younger people are when they inhale asbestos, the more likely they are to develop mesothelioma. This is why enormous efforts are being made to prevent school children from being exposed."

What the American Academy of Pediatrics says:
The calculated risk of mesothelioma "escalates rapidly when time since first exposure exceeds about 40 years. Early childhood exposure, even at very low levels, thus becomes a significant factor."

For the sake of the future health of our children, please call the city councilors to let them know your support of this ordinance.

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