Harvard Crimson Article on Asbestos Ordinance    

Activity & Use Limitation: Background Info

Introduction to the Activity & Use Limitation (AUL) on the IQHQ (former W. R. Grace) Site: What is an Activity and Use Limitation (AUL)? The AUL is a deed restriction filed […]

IQHQ (W. R. Grace) Site History:1919 to 2020

W.R. Grace Site History, 1919 to the Present: (Page updated: December 30, 2020) 2020s 2020 – GCP (formerly the W.R. Grace site) sold to IQHQ. 2010s 2018 – Russell Field […]

W. R. Grace Indicted for Hiding Cancer Risk, Multiple links

2005-Archives-Grace Indicted W.R. Grace Accused of Hiding Cancer Risk By Bob Anez, Associated Press Writer I February 7,2005 MISSOULA, Mont. – W.R. Grace and Co. and seven high-ranking employees knew […]

Public Health Is a Public Safety Issue, Flyer August 1999

Nearly 600 Sign Petition for Independent Traffic & Contamination Studies, Flyer June 1996

Neighborhood Alert, Flyer June 2019

City Manager Reports on Targeted Brownfields Assessment Grant for Jerry’s

Russell Field Update, Flyer April 2018

Charges Issued Over Asbestos at a Mine: 1200 people ill

By The Associated Press Feb. 8, 2005 MISSOULA, Mont., Feb. 7 – W. R. Grace and seven senior employees were accused in a federal indictment on Monday of knowingly exposing […]