Harvard Crimson Article on Asbestos Ordinance    

IQHQ (W. R. Grace) Site History:1919 to 2020

W.R. Grace Site History, 1919 to the Present: (Page updated: December 30, 2020) 2020s 2020 – GCP (formerly the W.R. Grace site) sold to IQHQ. 2010s 2018 – Russell Field […]

W. R. Grace Indicted for Hiding Cancer Risk, Multiple links

2005-Archives-Grace Indicted W.R. Grace Accused of Hiding Cancer Risk By Bob Anez, Associated Press Writer I February 7,2005 MISSOULA, Mont. – W.R. Grace and Co. and seven high-ranking employees knew […]

Public Health Is a Public Safety Issue, Flyer August 1999

Nearly 600 Sign Petition for Independent Traffic & Contamination Studies, Flyer June 1996

Neighborhood Alert, Flyer June 2019

City Manager Reports on Targeted Brownfields Assessment Grant for Jerry’s

Activity & Use Limitation: Background Info

Introduction to the Activity & Use Limitation (AUL) on the IQHQ (former W. R. Grace) Site: What is an Activity and Use Limitation (AUL)? The AUL is a deed restriction filed […]

Russell Field Update, Flyer April 2018

Charges Issued Over Asbestos at a Mine: 1200 people ill

By The Associated Press Feb. 8, 2005 MISSOULA, Mont., Feb. 7 – W. R. Grace and seven senior employees were accused in a federal indictment on Monday of knowingly exposing […]