Flooding and North Cambridge

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Excerpt, 2010 Notice from Cambridge Dept. of Public Works:

If you live or own property in Cambridge, especially in North Cambridge, Cambridge Highlands, Strawberry Hill, West Cambridge or Neighborhood 9 you should be aware of the revisions to the Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in 2010. Your property may be in the proposed new flood plain limits and you may be required to purchase flood insurance. FEMA has updated the flood maps for Cambridge and surrounding communities. This process revised the limits of the flood plain, which in Cambridge is principally located in the Alewife area. Approximately 160 additional buildings were newly included in the revised flood plain limits in Alewife.

Further information is available at the DPW site:

The Alewife area near the Arlington border will be most affected by the proposed changes, with many houses houses near Mass Ave. proposed to be in the high risk area where mortgage holders may be required to buy flood insurance. Estimated rates for high risk areas are $2500 per year for $250,000 building coverage including standard contents coverage and deductible. Lower risk areas can be covered to the same level for about $500 per year

The following map was developed by Alewife Neighbors to show the approximate boundaries of the flood risk areas by taking data from city maps and the proposed FEMA flood maps


The Dept. of Public Works is coordinating Cambridge’s involvement in the FEMA process. You can reach Catherine Daly Woodbury at DPW directly at 617-349-4818, and information is available at the city’s website:

One good resource about the National Flood Insurance Program is
It has lots of information and is fairly easy to read. One useful booklet is hard to find on the site, so we have copied it on this site: Answers to Questions About the NFIP

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