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Greenspace Alliance's Cambridge City Council Candidate Forum
cosponsored by The Alewife Study Group

Tuesday, September 14, 7 PM,
Cambridge Senior Center.

The Greenspace Alliance requested 3 questions from the Alewife Study Group. These are the questions we sent (headlines added):

Parking on a portion of the Alewife Reservation
The 115-acre Alewife Reservation is the last 'urban wild' in Cambridge and one of only a few in the Commonwealth. It is home to many species of animals, migratory birds and fish. The MDC has been renting out a portion of the Alewife Reservation to the Arthur D. Little Company for use as a parking lot for about ten cents per space per day. Is this an appropriate use of state regulated park lands? What actions would you take to change this if any? What else would you do to protect the wetland areas of Alewife?

Pollution of Alewife Brook by illicit sewage pipes
As you may know, the Alewife Brook is a part of the much larger Mystic River Watershed which ultimately empties into Boston Harbor. A recent City of Cambridge DPW report found numerous violations of the Clean Water Act along the Alewife Brook including dozens of illicit sewage pipes. What would you do to stop the pollution of Alewife Brook? Are you willing to stand up to the business interests that might oppose you?

Conservation bylaw in Cambridge?
Most of Alewife is situated in a floodplain. The Alewife floodplain is considered to be the most dangerous floodplain in the Mystic Valley Watershed. Many cities and towns in Massachusetts have passed local conservation bylaws to protect their floodplains. Would you support a a conservation bylaw in Cambridge? What should its major components be?

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