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Alewife Reservation land rented by Arthur D. Little for parking

Tuesday, September 14, 1999 6:00 PM,
MDC (Massachusetts District Commission) Headquarters, 20 Somerset Street, Boston
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Notes from the meeting (by Aram Hollman, a member of the Alewife Study Group)
55 to 60 people, from Cambridge, Arlington, and Belmont, crowded into a hearing room meant for 25. Only MDC Commissioner David Balfour was there to listen. He began the meeting by stating that since there was some feeling that insufficient public comment had been given at the initial June 24 public hearing, more would be taken now, beginning with elected officials.

State Reps. Anne Paulsen (Belmont-Arlington), James Marzilli (Arlington), and Alice Wolfe (Cambridge) all testified in opposition to the license, giving compelling reasons why it should not be renewed, suggesting viable alternatives, and urging the MDC to do more and better planning for the area. Other individuals followed, with only minimal repetition. Cambridge City Councilor Katherine Triantifillou and Council candidate James Williamson both spoke against the license renewal. Other speakers against the license renewal were (not all, not in order) Sheila Cook, Stanislaw Horowitz, Grace Perez, Steve Kaiser, Lew Weitzman, Ellen Maas, Dan Geer, Joseph Joseph, Ralph Yoder, and Aram Hollman. Among the more creative proposals, based on the precedent that issuing this license would set, was that if Polaroid needed more parking down by the Charles River, perhaps the MDC could lease part of Magazine Beach as a parking lot. By the time I left, at 7:35, no one had spoken in favor of the license. Only one of three MDC Commissioners was present.

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