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Citywide Rezoning Petition
Public Meetings
Oct. 17 - Dec. 13, 2000

As of December 2004 it appears the information linked to below on the Cambridge city website may no longer be online - try searching at the new Cambridge website

A copy of the petition, as submitted to the City Council by the Planning Board, September 2000, is available on the Cambridge website. The rezoning petition includes North Cambridge.

(The link is to an Adobe Acrobat pdf file. The file is relatively large, three-quarter meg, so it may take a relatively long time to view it.
Acrobat reader software is free from Adobe.)

The petition "is the culmination of the work of the Citywide Growth Management Advisory Committee ... and the Planning Board ... with input from the City Council and the public. Information on the Citywide Growth Management Initiative is available" at the
Citywide Growth Management Advisory Committee webpage
"Complete copies of this petition ... may ... be obtained from the Community Development Department.
Questions concerning this petition may be addressed to the Community Development Department at [617] 349-4600"

Quotations above are from a September 12, 2000 letter (emphasis added)
titled Citywide Rezoning Petition, Summary of Recommendations
from Beth Rubinstein, Assistant City Manager for Community Development, of the Community Development Department
to Interested Cambridge Residents.
The pdf file referenced above was attached to the letter.
The letter is not part of the pdf file.
Meeting dates listed in the above referenced letter are listed below.
Where no time is listed below, no time was provided in the letter.
Cambridge Citywide Rezoning Petition
Oct. 17 & Nov. 28
   Planning Board public hearings
Nov. 14, Nov. 29, Dec. 6, Dec. 13
   City Council Ordinance Committee public hearings
Oct. 19, 7:30 pm
   Daniel Burns Apartments, 30-50 Churchill Ave.
   Community Development Dept. Workshop
Nov. 9, 7:30 pm
   Harrington School, 850 Cambridge St.
   Community Development Dept. Workshop

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