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Designate Alewife MA area an
Area of Critical Environmental Concern?

November 15, 2000

Mayor Galluccio and City Council
Cambridge City Hall
795 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02139

Dear Mr. Mayor and Honorable Members of the City Council:

I am writing to inform that I, along with State Representative Ann Paulsen, and other interested parties from Arlington, Cambridge and Belmont have met to discuss the possibility of issuing a request that the Alewife area be designated an Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC) by the Secretary of Environmental Affairs.

Our meeting was a preliminary examination of the ACEC Program at Alewife. I foresee that any decision to move ahead with an ACEC proposal will be made with the participation of residents and officials from all the affected communities.

The Areas of Critical Program is a statewide program administered by the Department of Environmental Management on behalf of the Secretary of Environmental Affairs. The ACEC Program exists to preserve, restore and enhance areas with significant natural resource systems. Once an area is designated an ACEC, state agencies are directed to pursue those three goals and are required to review the environmental impact of any proposed projects within ACEC borders to assure that they meet high standards. Above all, the ACEC Program aims to increase greater public awareness and appreciation for our natural resources by fostering cooperation between residents, communities and agencies to protect them.

As a group, we have not yet decided whether to pursue the designation of Alewife as an ACEC, or what the borders might encompass. Individuals in the group are very excited about the prospects. In writing, I hope to discuss this idea further with you and I would welcome your participation and your ideas as we investigate the ACEC Program

Sincerely yours,

Alice K. Wolf
State Representative

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