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Zoning ordinance passed
- Industrial A-1 zone around Linear Park

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Summary (partial)

0.65 is the maximum base FAR under the compromise zoning (down from 1.25 in the industrial zone, but up from 0.5 in the Planning Board recommendation); the so-called inclusionary zoning ordinance, which mandates affordable housing in large residential developments, currently allows a developer to increase the base FAR limit on building size by up to 30 percent.

The 1800-square-foot provision limits the total number of dwelling units on a property by requiring the parcel to have at least that much land area for each unit built on it (the Planning Board recommendation was for 2500 sq ft per unit, versus 1200 in the industrial district).

Residential buildings of more than five units will now require a special permit from the Planning Board, with a criterion added to encourage (but not necessarily require) the construction of 3- and 4-bedroom units appealing to families.

The Cornerstone property and four adjacent single-family homes were exempted entirely from the downzoning and remain in the preexisting industrial zone. The rear portions of several Mass. Ave. properties near Cedar Street were kept in the downzoned area (the new Special District 2), rather than placed in the Mass. Ave. business zone as the owners had requested.

30ft cornice up to 40ft and Planning Board set backs from Linear Park 25 ft back yard

Friends of Linear Park (not affiliated with Alewife Study Group) had encouraged support of the Planning Board petition.
Zoning proposal comparisons
Planning Board recommendation

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