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Oaktree Development
30 Cambridge Park Drive

(Location change: 831 Massachusetts Ave., bottom floor, License Commission meeting room - due to emergency shutdown of City Hall Annex, 57 Inman Street)
Monday, February 14, 7:00 PM
Third Floor Conference Room, City Hall Annex, 57 Inman Street.

Oaktree is the developer for 30 Cambridge Park Drive (also written as CambridgePark Drive).
BSC Group is a consultant

Agenda (from official notice)

7:00 Cambridge Park Place -- 30 Cambridge Park Drive (DEP File # 123-144) Update on Project Review by BSC Group

The proposed project consists of a seven story, 311 unit housing project located at 30 Cambridge Park Drive. The site is located entirely within the 100-year floodplain. BSC Group has been hired to assist the Conservation Commission in review of project details. This meeting is intended to allow BSC Group to update the Conservation Commission on the status of their review. Continuation of the public hearing on this project will be held at a later date.

8:00 Fresh Pond Reservation Updates

The Conservation Commission will discuss recent events and upcoming projects at the Fresh Pond Reservation related to (1) Neville Manor, (2) the new Water Treatment Plant, and (3) the Fresh Pond Master Plan.

8:30 Other Business

Public comment opportunity

From Julia Bowdoin of the Conservation Commission, in response to a question on the possibility of public comment at the meeting:

"Of course the public will be allowed to ask questions. However, as you suggested, there will be some rules as to how long this question period will last so that we can move on with other business. We will therefore recommend that all questions be directly relevant to the material presented. This meeting is intended as an update to the Commission on BSC's progress, not a full public hearing on the overall project. We hope that public participants will understand this and save many of their questions and comments for the hearing."

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