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Oaktree Development
30 Cambridge Park Drive
Public Hearing

March. 14 2000, Ackerman Room, 2nd floor of Cambridge City Hall, Massachusetts Ave.

Oaktree is the developer for 30 Cambridge Park Drive (also written as CambridgePark Drive).

What is expected at the public hearing

The Executive Director of the Consevation Commission expects that a vote or decision will be made. Based on the last meeting, it seems likely that a permit will be granted for this 311 unit housing project next to the Alewife T-station. The entire site is within the 100-year floodplain, and the developer's plan for flood storage was deemed inadequate by the city's consultants. 311 units makes one huge building, and a lot more car pollution for the wildlife at the nearby state-protected Alewife Brook Reservation.

However, it was suggested that if the developers are not penalized for not obtaining the proper permits before removing the building that used to be on the site, then the Conservation Commission could pretend the building still exists, which could allow the builders not to provide flood storage.

If the plan is approved, 45,000 cubic feet of water could be displaced into the surrounding neighborhood compared to the existing conditions.

If the permit is denied, future projects will not be able to count the nonexisting building for flood storage (displacement), so only projects that match the spirit of the Wetlands Protection Act would be considered.

A large showing of public disapproval of the project may convince the Conservation Commission that they should uphold the spirit of the Wetlands Protection Act as they are chartered to do, rather than fall to the pressure of developers' interests.

This will probably be the last opportunity to voice your opinion on this project.

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