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Oaktree Development
30 Cambridge Park Drive
Public Hearing

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Our description, before the hearing, of what we expected to happen at the hearing
The report of the consultants (The BSC Group, Inc.)

March. 14 2000, Ackerman Room, 2nd floor of Cambridge City Hall, Massachusetts Ave.

Oaktree is the developer for 30 Cambridge Park Drive (also written as CambridgePark Drive).

What happened at the public hearing
(from the notes of Lew Weitzman, a member of the Alewife Study Group

The Cambridge Conservation Commission met Tuesday, March 14. There was a good turnout from Cambridge residents and two people spoke on behalf of surrounding communities as well.

The good news is that the report submitted by the consultants hired by the Commission (BSC) recommended against accepting the current proposal from Oaktree and takes a strong stand against the kind of underground storage they proposed. The bad news is that they also recommended that the Commission ignore all of that and consider the site as it used to be with old buildings there. If they do that then absolutely no flood compensation will be required and construction could begin in a few months.

Neighborhood people argued strongly against this course of action citing other developments that have already overloaded the Alewife floodplain with construction and exacerbated flooding in the neighborhoods and one person continued to insist that some form of public hearing be held to discuss how Oaktree was able to knock down the existing buildings on this site without a conservation commission permit and apparently suffer no penalty of any kind.

The Oaktree luxury apartment tower would be the largest privately owned structure ever built in this portion of Alewife and would set a state wide precedent for underground flood storage.

The public has one more Hearing to make their opinions known. I suggest a massive turn out from the public with some press.

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