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Request for EPA to oversee
asbestos contamination investigation and remediation at W. R. Grace

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April 24,2000

Mindy S. Lubber, Regional Administrator
United States Environmental Protection Agency
1 Congress Street
Suite 1100
Boston, MA 02114-2023

Dear MS. Lubber:

I am writing to request the full involvement of the EPA in the investigation and remediation of the W.R. Grace site in Cambridge. New tests conducted by a community group indicate that there are dangerous levels of asbestos in the soil. It is my hope that the EPA will take a strong role to ensure that this area is thoroughly assessed and treated.

Given the history of the site and the disturbing results of the tests, I believe there is sufficient danger to warrant the intervention of the EPA. The Alewife Study Group has done good work, but community organizations should not bear the responsibility for ensuring public health. As you know, the role of the DEP was reduced in the early 1990s. The EPA must now play a critical leadership role in overseeing the environmentally safe restoration of the Grace site.

I am particularly concerned because the Grace site abuts a residential neighborhood with many children and borders an outdoor youth center. The EPA's oversight can help to guarantee that any risk that may exist to the public health will be treated swiftly and professionally. On behalf of my constituents in West and North Cambridge, I thank you for your kind consideration of my request, and I hope you will recommend the agency's prompt intervention.

Sincerely yours,

Alice K. Wolf [ signature ]

Alice K. Wolf
State Representative

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