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Yoder Petition to downzone
Alewife Reservation area

Updated May 27 2002 with petition map.

Tue. May 2, 2000 8:30 p.m.
Planning Board - Yoder Petition
(Central Square Senior Center, 806 Massachusetts Ave.)
Petition to amend zoning ordinance by reducing Floor Area Ratio in Open Space District from .25 to .05 and rezone portion of MCD Reservation south of Concord Turnpike from existing Office 2 District to Open space, and to rezone an area generally south of Concord Turnpike and north of Little River from Office 2 to Office 1.
Copies of petition on file in Office of City Clerk, City Hall.
Questions can be addressed to Liza Paden, 617-349-4647, TTY: 617-349-4621 or

Petition map.

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