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Cornerstone Cohousing parking
171-273 Harvey St./131 Jackson St.
Board of Zoning Appeals
Thu. Sept. 14 2000, 9:30 p.m.

Note from the Alewife Study Group
There are minor differences in formatting between the layout and type size of this web document and the original, but the text below is identical to the text received by an abutter from the City of Cambridge.

City of Cambridge
831 Mass Avenue, Cambridge, MA.
(617) 349-6100


A Petition has been presented to the Board of Zoning Appeal (BZA) on the following matter. If you wish to express your views in favor of or in opposition to the petition, you are invited to attend the public hearing or submit a written statement to the Board of Zoning Appeal, City Hall, 831 Mass Avenue, Cambridge, Mass. If you would like further information, please contact the Zoning department at 349-6100 or visit our office at Inspectional Services Department. Petitioner is required to be present at the hearing.

DATE AND PLACE: Senior Center, 806 Massachusetts Ave., First Floor, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Thursday - September 14, 2000 @ 9:30 P.M.

Please Note: If at this hearing, the BZA Chairperson continues the case to a later date, you will not receive further notice. However, dates for continued BZA cases are posted on the notice board at the City Clerk's office in City Hall.

CASE NO: 8190

LOCATION: 171-273 Harvey Street/131 Jackson Street Cambridge, MA

PETITIONER: Elizabeth B. Locke, Manager of CCBG, LLC.

ZONING DISTRICT: Industry A-1 /Residence B Zone

PETITION: Variance: To create 15 parking spaces in a Residence B Zone (131 Jackson Street) as accessory parking for the 30 unit residential development at (171-273 Harvey Street). The parking does not conform to requirements of Article 6.

VIOLATIONS: Art. 6.000, Sec. 6.22.1 (Location of Accessory Parking). Sec. 6.37.2 (Bicycle Parking). Sec. (Curb Cuts). Sec. 6.44.1 (Parking Setbacks). Sec. 6.48.1 (Landscaping). & Art. 4.000, Sec. 4.3 I.G (Multi-Family Parking).

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