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Mugar parcel
undeveloped land along Route 2
Arlington Conservation Commission
Thu. Sept. 7 2000, 8:15 p.m.


The Conservation Commission will continue the public hearing in the main hall at Town Hall, on Thursday, September 7, 2000, at 8:15 pm, in accordance with the provisions of the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act (M.G.L. Ch.131, s.40, as amended) and of the Arlington By-Law for Wetlands Protection (Title V, Article 8), to consider an ABBREVIATED NOTICE OF RESOURCE AREA DETERMINATION for the MUGAR PARCEL (undeveloped land along Route 2 bounded by Dorothy, Burch, and Edith Streets and Thorndike field) to determine the extent of Land Subject to Flooding, Bordering Vegetated Wetland to Alewife Brook and an Isolated Vegetated Wetland.

Susan Brent, Chair

Please phone Cori Beckwith, Conservation Administrator, at 316-3012 with any questions.

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