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Metropolitan District Commission
September 7, 2000 meeting notes

Information provided by a member of the Alewife Study Group who is also a member of the Coalition for Alewife.

According to Banker & Tradesman magazine, O'Neill Properties is in the process of selling its Arthur D. Little property to the Bulfinch Companies of Needham, MA, for $65 million. The deal is expected to be completed by the end of September.

The new owner will continue to require the use of MDC land, floodplain, for use as parking by its tenant, the Arthur D. Little Co. Last Thursday 9/7, the MDC voted in advance to allow the transfer of the current parking lot permit from O'Neill to whomever the new owner will be. The MDC specified that the terms of the permit remain unchanged. Commissioner David Balfour expressed indifference regarding precisely who rents the land, as long as they adhere to those terms.

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