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Cambridge City Council, June 4 2001:
W. R. Grace not disturb soil until protocol and ordinance complied with

Late Order

The Asbestos Protection Ordinance requires that asbestos contaminated soil in "close proximity (500 feet) to residential areas or children's play areas," be "tented and vented" [section 8.61.040 c] when disturbed;

Residential areas are as close as 250 feet away from the planned trench and play areas are within 500 feet;

W. R. Grace plans this coming Saturday, June 9, 2001, to commence digging a 5-foot wide trench running the length of several buildings;

W. R. Grace does not plan to tent and vent the trench as required by the Asbestos Protection Ordinance;

Be it therefore Ordered:
That City Council will call EPA and DEP by Wednesday, June 6, 2001, and request that W. R. Grace cease and desist soil disturbance, until W. R. Grace fully complies with the EPA's and DEP's testing protocol and the city's Asbestos Protection Ordinance.

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