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Letters from W. R. Grace saying it would not attend
Cambridge City Council
Neighborhood and Long Term Planning Committee meeting
Tue. July 24 2001, 6:00 pm
W. R. Grace and asbestos

(The following letters were distributed by the City of Cambridge at the above meeting.
The text below was scanned from the letters; the formatting has been changed slightly.
Some standard text - examples: company logo, fax-cover-sheet-text - has been omitted.)

62 Whittemore Avenue
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02140

DATE: July 24, 2001
TIME: 1:41 PM

TO: D. Margaret Drury
FAX: 1 617 349 4269

Sam Lipson
1 617 665 3888

FROM: O.M. Favorito
PHONE: (617) 498-4861
FAX: (617) 498-4402

RE: Re: Neighborhood and Long Term Planning Committee Meeting
Total Number of Pages Including Cover Sheet: 4
Attached is in response to the City Clerk's letter to Grace of July 17, 2001.

O.M. Favorito

O. Mario Favorito
Vice President and Chief Counsel (Cambridge)
Legal Services Group

Assistant Secretary
W. R. Grace & Co.-Conn.
62 Whittemore Avenue
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02140

Tel: (617) 498-4861
Fax: (617) 498-4402

July 24, 2001

D, Margaret Drury
City Clerk - City Of Cambridge
City Hall
795 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139

Dear Ms. Drury:

This is to acknowledge your letter of July 17, 2001 which was received in my office on Friday, July 20, Your letter requested that Grace representatives attend a community meeting of the City Council Neighborhood and Long Term Planning Committee at 6:00 p.m. on July 24, 2001.

For the reasons indicated in the attached letter, Grace will not be attending the meeting this evening.


(signed Mario Favorito)

Cc: Hon, Maxiorie C. Decker
Sam Lipson
Robert J. Bettacchi

Honorable Marjorie C. Decker
Cambridge City Council
City Hall
795 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139

Dear Councillor Decker:

On Friday July 20th Grace received from the Office of the Cambridge City Clerk an invitation to attend a community meeting of the City Council Neighborhood and Long Term Planning Committee scheduled for this evening July 24th.

Grace understands that the primary purpose of the meeting is to address the Utility Trench work at the Grace site which currently is the subject of review by the Cambridge Public Health Department. The Utility Trench work is part of basic utility maintenance which requires the upgrade of electrical systems to current best practices

Grace would perform the utility trench work as detailed in the Final Utility Trench Excavation Release Abatement Measure (RAM) Plan/Asbestos Soil Management Plan dated May 3, 2001 (the "Grace Utility Trench Work") which has been favorably commented upon by EPA, ATSDR an Agency of the Public Health Service and DEP.

July 24, 2001
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On the other hand the unanimous resolution of the City Council of June 4, 2001, positions taken by members of the Alewife Study Group, correspondence of elected officials and commentary in the press all argue for an interpretation of the Cambridge Asbestos Ordinance which would require abatement measures different from those proposed in the "Grace Utility Trench Work". This difference in interpretation underscores the need for the City Council to address ambiguities in the Cambridge Asbestos Ordinance. This would benefit not only those charged with its administration but also those who are subject to the regulation as well as the general public. Grace would be willing to appropriately participate in such an effort.

The Director of Environmental Health of the Cambridge Public Health Department has requested Grace to provide a written clarification of the proposed Grace Utility Trcnch Work and has indicated that he will render his final decision soon thereafter. Grace will submit this information on or before July 27, 2001.

In these circumstances Grace is of the view that there is nothing substantive which Grace's presence at the meeting this evening would add with respect to the proposed Grace Utility Trench Work which is not already in the record or will be contained in its forthcoming submission.



Robert F. Jenkins, Ph.D.
Vice President Engineeringq & Manufacturing Support

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