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Cover letter about trench, from Cambridge Public Health Department
to W. R. Grace

August 2, 2001

Mr Robert F. Jenkins, Vice President Engineering and Manufacturing Support
W.R. Grace & Company - CONNECTICUT
62 Whittemore Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02140

Dear Mr Jenkins,

Please find the enclosed draft decision of the Cambridge Public Health Department regarding mitigation requirements under the Asbestos Protection ordinance. Please take note of your obligation as the applicant under section 8.61.040(c) of the ordinance to notify all abutters and others requesting notification (i.e. the MCP Public Involvement Process list) of the availability of this draft decision at the Main Branch of the Cambridge Public Library and at the Cambridge Public Health Department. In response to a request made directly to the Commissioner of Health and Hospitals a copy of this draft decision has also been directly sent to at least one local resident.

This draft decision will immediately be placed in the public repositories and will remain there for no less than 20 days after the revised Asbestos Soil Management Plan is available for public review and comment. A final decision will be issued thereafter. Thank you for your cooperation in complying with this ordinance.


Sam Lipson
Director of Environmental Health
Cambridge Public Health Department
119 Windsor Street, Lower Level
Cambridge, MA 02139
(617) 665-3838

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