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Wesley Stimpson LSP engagement for W. R. Grace & Co. terminated

From a notice mailed by Haley and Aldrich

"W. E. Stimpson, LSP

94 Canterbury Court
Carlisle, MA 01741-1861

April 18, 2000

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
Bureau of Waste Site Cleanup
Northeast Regional Office
205 Lowell Street
Wilimington, Massachusetts 01887

Attention: BWSC Data Entry

Subject W. R. Grace & Co.-Conn.
Alewife Center Property
Cambridge, MA
RTN 3-00277 and RTN 3-17014

Ladies and Gentlemen:

In accordance with Section 40.0169(2) of the MCP, this is to inform the Department that my engagement as LSP of Record for the above referenced tracking numbers has been terminated.


Wesley E. Stimpson
LSP No. 2332"

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