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Notice of Placement in Public Repositories

The following is the essential part of a letter received from Haley & Aldrich, Inc.


Haley & Aldrich, Inc.
465 Medford Street
Suite 2200
Boston, MA 02129-1400
Tel: 617.886.7400
Fax: 617.886.7600

19 December 2003
File No. 10063-066

Department of Environmental Protection
Northeast Regional Office 205A Lowell Street
Wilmington, Massachusetts 01887

Notice of Placement in Public Repositories
Tier 1 Permit Extension Application
W.R. Grace & Co.-Conn
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Permit No. 118529, RTN # 3-0277

Dear Ms. Donahue:

This letter is also to inform you of the placement of the above referenced Tier I Permit Extension Application, dated 19 December 2003, in five public repositories in accordance with the Public Involvement Plan (PIP) prepared for this site (RTN 3-0277).

By this letter we also are confirming that the following procedures will be followed by the Department in their review of this Permit Application and notifying the community of these procedures. As noted in the legal notice published in the Boston Globe (18 December 2003) and to be published in the Cambridge Chronicle (24 December 2003), anyone interested in reviewing the Permit Extension application should notify DEP by writing to DEP, Bureau of Waste Site Cleanup, Permit Section at Northeast Regional Office, One Winter Street, Boston, MA 02108, by 8 January 2004. The DEP will conduct an Administrative Completeness Review of the Application and will issue a letter indicating whether or not the application is considered complete. Once the application is deemed complete, the DEP will conduct a public comment period of twenty (20) days, which shall run concurrently with DEP's Initial Technical Review of the application. Anyone who fails to notify DEP in writing of his/her interest in commenting on the application by the above date may be deemed to have waived his/her rights, if any, to appeal DEP's permit decision or to intervene in an adjudicatory proceeding with respect to this application, pursuant to 310 CMR 40.0770(2).

Sincerely yours

Melissa M. McEwen
Senior Environmental Geologist


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