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Revised Activity and Use Limitation

The following PDF files were received by on January 20, 2005 with the email text at the bottom of this page. The email was: from McEwen, Melissa; addressed to \and with a copy to; with subject Revised WR Grace AUL available for comment,

Notice of Activity and Use Limitation file name 05 0119 Form_1075_AlewifeLandCorp.pdf

Notice of Activity and Use Limitation file name 05 0119 _Form_1075_WRGRACE.pdf

Exhibit C, Activity and Use Limitation Opinion file name 05 0119 AUL_ExhibitC.pdf

Cover letter to Patricia Donahue, Department of Environmental Protection file name PIPNotice_RevisedAUL.pdf (1 MB file)

This letter is to inform you that by noon today (1/20/2005) the attached documents, dated 19 January 2005, will be available in five public repositories. The documents are also attached to this email. These documents have also been mailed to each person on the PIP mailing list with a cover letter (PIPNotice_RevisedAUL.pdf).

A Public Comment Draft Class A-3 Response Action Outcome Statement, which included a draft Activity and Use Limitation, was submitted to the Public Repositories on 3 December 2004. A public meeting was held on 16 December 2004 to present the information in the RAO. In order to address concerns raised at the public meeting regarding the AUL, a revised version of the AUL has been prepared. The revised AUL includes the following attached documents:

05 0119_AUL_ExhibitC.pdf
05 0119_Form_1075_AlewifeLandCorp.pdf;
05 0119_Form_1075_WRGrace.pdf

At the public meeting W.R. Grace extended the comment period on the RAO and AUL through 20 January 2005. In order to allow review and comment on the revised AUL document, the comment period will be extended until the end of day on 31 January 2005.

Please send comments to my attention at the Haley & Aldrich, Inc. address listed in the letter attached (PIPNotice_RevisedAUL.pdf) or to this email address.

Melissa M. McEwen
Sr. Environmental Geologist / Project Manager
Haley & Aldrich, Inc.
465 Medford St.
Boston, MA 02129-1400
Tel: 617.886.7471
Fax: 617.886.7771

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