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Dec. 16, 2004 public meeting at W. R. Grace - flyer text
Distributed in North Cambridge by the Alewife Study Group

W. R. Grace to hold FINAL Meeting on Asbestos Contamination
Grace Quits Clean up though Pounds of Asbestos Still in Soil!

The W. R. Grace site next to Russell Field has an estimated six pounds of loose fiber asbestos for every man, woman and child in all of Cambridge, according to tests conducted jointly by W. R. Grace, Cambridge and neighbors. That 650,000 to 1.2 million pounds of asbestos poses little threat if left in the soil as it is now. But the property owners will likely develop the 27-acre site. Construction disturbs soil. Without long-term protective measures in place, construction could release asbestos into the air, allowing fibers to blow all over the neighborhood. Though W. R. Grace has not cleaned up the asbestos, they want to end state oversight, leaving neighbors vulnerable.

Tell W. R. Grace we’ll work with them, if they protect us.
  1. We must have long-term protection from their asbestos fibers.
  2. We want to work WITH the property owner on future development. We request continued community involvement throughout planning, construction and development of the W. R. Grace site.
  3. We request the property owner stipulate State oversight during every period of construction.
  4. We request that property owner and Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) adhere to Cambridge’s Asbestos Protection Ordinance.
  5. We request that Grace correctly document the source and quantity of asbestos in all relevant documents, making those documents available to the public.

Ask the State Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to continue monitoring the site until W. R. Grace erects a permanent barrier between people and asbestos. Our neighbors, our children, depend on you to advocate for a healthy future. Let’s ensure that W. R. Grace, or any future developer, follows safe practices. Let’s ensure DEP does not abandon us.

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