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Linear Park zoning proposal comparisons

Proposed Special District 2N, North Cambridge, MA
Industry A-1 District - City Council Petition - Brown Petition

(This page created Jan. 8 2000)

One end of the Linear Park is adjacent to the W. R. Grace site.
The Brown Petition was proposed by a group of property owners near the Linear Park.

Prepared by Lester Barber, Cambridge Community Development Dept.
57 Inman Street, Cambridge, MA. 02139, 617/349-4657, FAX 617/349-4669

This information provided by a group of concerned Linear Park neighbors.

Zoning Provision Existing Industry IA-1 District Current City Council Petition: Former Planning Board Recommendation (Special District 2 - Residence B Base) Brown Petition: Proposed by Property Owners (Special District 2- Residence C-1 Base)

Affected Area

Industry A-1 District at Linear Park: Massachusetts Avenue to W. R. Grace property.

Entire existing IA-1 district.

Most of existing IA-1 district.

Retains a portion of the IA-1 district along Harvey Street at western end.


Residential Density

1 unit/1200 sf for new construction (old Residence C-1 density)

1 unit/900 sf for conversion of an existing building.

1 unit/2500 sf (Residence B density)

1 unit/1500 sf (new Residence C-1 density)



45 feet

35 feet

45 feet with a 45 degree bulk control plane at any front yard and Linear Park property lines, beginning at a 35 foot cornice height.

  Existing Council Brown


1.25 (1.62 for housing with inclusionary bonus)

0.5 (0.65 with inclusionary bonus) for new construction, or FAR of existing building (if demolished) up to a maximum of 0.75, whichever is greater; existing buildings may be reused and GFA added to the interior without limit for residential uses.

0.9 (1.17 with inclusionary bonus) for all uses; existing buildings may be reused and GFA added to the interior without limit for all uses.



Front Yard: None

Side Yard: H+L/7*

Rear Yard: H+L/5*

*For residential uses in new structures and for non residential uses abutting residences, residential districts, open space districts or facilities; reduced to 10 feet by special permit.

Front Yard: 15 feet

Side Yard: 7.5 feet, total of 20 feet

Rear Yard: 25 feet, increasing to 35 feet for lots 140 feet deep.

Front Yard: 10 feet or H+L/5

Side Yard: 7.5 feet or H+L/7

Rear Yard: 15 feet or H+L/4.




  Existing Council Brown


Townhouse development and multifamily housing; office and R&D uses; most retail uses by-right or special permit; most light industrial uses by-right or by special permit.

Townhouse development and multifamily housing; professional and general offices, arts and craft studios, and commercial greenhouses in existing non residential structures.

(All other uses allowed in the Residence B district also allowed in the SD-2)

Townhouse development and multifamily housing; normally exempt educational and religious uses and vocational schools not otherwise exempt; all office and R&D uses; manufacturing of consumer goods sold on the premises; commercial greenhouses; printing shop; arts and craft studios; manufacturing of electronic and other instruments; storage warehouse.

Additionally allowed by special permit: primary and secondary school not exempt by statute; convenience and general retail stores; wholesale business and storage.

(All other uses allowed in the Residence C-1 district also allowed in the SD-2)


Special Permit Threshold for Housing

12 or more dwelling units

6 or more dwelling units

12 or more dwelling units


  Existing Council Brown

Special Provisions


Existing non residential structures may be converted to residential use at a rate of one unit per 1200 square feet of building area.


Open Space requirement relaxed where a building is converted to residential use.


All requirements of the Residence B district apply unless modified by the Special District 2 provisions.


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