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Pesticide spraying for West Nile Virus

Meeting, November 20 2000, 7:00 pm
(See also meeting notes)

The information below is from an email (Women's Community Cancer Project is a sponsor for the meeting).
(Updated November 13, 2000 with sponsor information; updated November 20, 2000 with link to meeting notes.)

Come strategize about how to stop Cambridge's pesticide spraying for West Nile Virus, the "non-epidemic" which has only killed 7 people in two years!

Last summer Cambridge was sprayed three times, blanketing the City twice (excluding East Cambridge). The pyrethroids used are neurotoxic and carcinogenic. Yet there was inadequate warning and no HONEST explanation of the health hazards involved last summer.

CAMBRIDGE PLANS TO SPRAY AGAIN NEXT MOSQUITO SEASON and to hold a hearing on the subject in January.

Report by Toxics Action Center representative, 7:30 (approx.)

Email if you want occasional updates & info about the January hearing.



(Harvard University) ROOM 402, on Quincy St. @ Mass Ave. in Harvard Square.

Walking from Mass Ave, Library is on Left of Quincy, set back about 5 yards.
Brick building with glass windows.

For more information you can also call Craig Kelley at 617-354-8353 or

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