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North Cambridge Stabilization Committee

Next meeting - December 13 2000
(there will be no meeting November 22)

(This page updated Dec. 12 2000, with cancellation notice.)

CANCELLED because of other meetings on same day.

Location: to be announced
Time: to be announced

Main Agenda: to be announced

Action Summary for November 8, 2000 Meeting:

  1. Minutes of the previous meeting were accepted.
  2. Sixteen people were in attendance.
  3. Sam Azzam and Jim Goldberg updated the Committee on developments regarding the proposed development of the Long's Funeral Home building. Parking still appears to be the achilles heel of the proposal. A proposal for the proponent to purchase the abutting residential property may mitigate the parking matter to some extent, but it was unclear as to whether that would give the BZA reason to approve a variance without provision of additional parking spaces. The Committee took this matter up for voting consideration after 8:30, but lacked a quorum for a vote.
  4. Middlesex Site. Apparently there are many issues (property encroachment and otherwise) that need to be clarified. The immediate abutters have agreed to form a subcommittee to discuss these matters.
  5. Ed Norberg and Stuart Dash discussed the City's role in solving the matter of Linear Park trees and their negative effect upon the Norberg Nursery business. It was revealed that the City had given vocal assurances to Ed Norberg when the Linear Park trees were planted that they would be varieties and planted in such a way so as not to affect the nursery business adversely. It is clear now that the trees chosen were not appropriate and need to be removed. Stuart Dash will arrange a meeting for citizens to discuss this matter and to act in a manner that will avoid adverse effects upon the nursery.
  6. Susan Finegold, representing Ayn Rose of 134 Elm St. presented details ex- plaining a variance application preparatory to a curb cut application. With the exception of the neighbors in the rear of the building according to Susan Finegold, all neighbors have been contacted and have expressed support. The Committee voted to support the variance if there is no abutter opposition.

If there are questions concerning this agenda, please contact Richard Clarey at 864 - 6751.

(Event sponsored - and information provided - by North Cambridge Stabilization Committee,
which is not affiliated with the Alewife Study Group)