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April 15 - Gigantic Mystic River clean-up
(Sponsored in part by Friends of Alewife)

(This page updated April 2, 2000)

Cambridge will clean behind T stop towards Little Pond, probably on Wellington Brook, and north side of Little River.

Annual cleanup throughout Mystic River from Melrose to Chelsea. Expect 60 to 80 people from Cambridge and Belmont. Each region has a different section of the Mystic River. Begins 10am behind Alewife Station at Passenger Pick up. materials, snacks and maps provided. Cleanup is extensive. Finish at 2:00. Friends of Alewife Reservation volunteers will be present to escort small groups.

For those wanting to draw attention to our beautiful Cambridge urban wilds, and those of our abutting municipalities of Belmont and Arlington, please join the Mystic River Watershed Association's annual Mystic wide cleanup that will cover as far west as Belmont's Clay Pond, and Melrose in the East and the lower Mystic in the South. A part of Woburn's Aberjona (Civil Action River) will also be cleaned as part of the Mystic River watershed. Cambridge under the sponsorship of Friends of Alewife Reservation, will clean in the MDCReservation along Little River, Yates Pond, Little Pond and Blair Pond in Belmont. MDC property near ADL property will also be cleaned. A central station will give out supplies and equipment will be given and shared including gloves and bags.

Call 547-1944 for more information.

(Event sponsored - and information provided - by Friends of Alewife,
which is not affiliated with the Alewife Study Group)