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June 10 2000 - Alewife Reservation Bird Watch
Sponsored in part by Friends of Alewife Reservation

EOEA is inviting you to participate in a landmark event taking place in cities and towns across the southeastern portion of Massachusetts. Biodiversity Days, June 9-11, 2000. This will be a first-in-the-nation citizen excursion into the outdoors. There will be one or more Field Trips scheduled in each of the 51 cities and towns of the southeast to inventory a particular group of animals or plants and others to undertake a general survey of the full variety of species. Field trip leaders will be local, state, and national experts in plants, insects, birds, coastal invertebrates, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. Communities will be invited to establish local species and habitat registries for recording data gathered during this weekend and future local inventories.

You can register for a field trip through Friends of Alewife Reservation.
Elizabeth Karpati of the Spy Pond Birding group will lead a group at 8 am on June 10 which is part of Biodiversity Days.
Contact: to register

(Event sponsored - and information provided - by Friends of Alewife,
which is not affiliated with the Alewife Study Group)