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June 10 2000 - Alewife Brook Cleanup
Sponsored in part by Friends of Alewife Reservation

As part of Rivers Cleanup Week, over 40,000 volunteers from across the nation have registered to extract garbage from their local streams and rivers. The event, scheduled for June 3-10 in support of the Rivers 2000 celebration, helps communities focus attention on neglected waterways and stimulates cleanups of blighted areas. Each year National River Cleanup Week promotes the importance of keeping rivers and streams clean and encourages cleanups of local waterways.

Friends of Alewife Reservation is sponsoring another cleanup to be apart of the Rivers month. The group will clean up and down Alewife Brook which feeds into the Mystic River.

Contact David Case of FAR

The group will meet at passenger pick up behind the Alewife T on June 10 at 10am. Equipment, water and snacks are provided.

(Event sponsored - and information provided - by Friends of Alewife,
which is not affiliated with the Alewife Study Group)