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** East Arlington Flood Survey **

The East Arlington Good Neighbor Committee has developed this survey to provide crucial information to Arlington's Conservation Commission, as well as the Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs (EOEA) that they will use in making decisions regarding the proposed development. Please provide all the information you can about flooding at your house and in your neighborhood - photographs would be especially helpful. If you have photographs of flooding in your basement, yard or street, please lend them to us (write your name and address on the back as well as the date of flooding). Your help is vital to our fight to stop this development. In order for your response to be most effective, please complete the attached survey by Monday October 2. The Conservation Commission is scheduled to meet on Thursday October 5 and comments are due to EOEA by Monday October 9.

To complete the survey, first get a copy of this web page. Either cut and paste this page into a new document in your word processor, or save this web page as a file and then open it in your word processor, or print it out on paper. Then fill it out.

You can return your completed survey by either email or regular mail. To email it, email the survey as text (please, no attachments) to: Or, send a printed copy by regular mail to:

George Laite
Chair, East Arlington Good Neighbor Committee
25 Lafayette Street
Arlington, MA 02474

This proposed development will have other negative impacts in our neighborhood, such as:
1. increased traffic
2. reduced property values
3. loss of open space and wildlife habitat

Please become involved with efforts to stop this development - we need you! Click here to find out about other things you can do to help. And please complete this flood survey!

Please Note: This survey was sponsored - and provided - by East Arlington Good Neighbor Committee. The EAGNC wishes to thank the Alewife Study Group, with which it is not affiliated, for hosting this survey on its web site.

Thank You for Your Help!

The East Arlington Good Neighbor Committee

** Please Return Your Completed Survey by Monday October 2 **

(Sept. 21 is date survey form was written)

(Survey sponsored and provided by The East Arlington Good Neighbor Committee,
which is not affiliated with the Alewife Study Group)