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How we Live, a Civic Initiative for a Livable New England
Boston Society of Architects (BSA)

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"In February and March, 2001, the BSA in conjunction with the Massachusetts Chapter of the APA [American Planning Association] and a host of endorsing organizations will be sponsoring three community-based planning workshops."
The following information is from an architect-member of the Alewife Study Group.
"The BSA is holding a series of workshops on regional planning, sprawl and smart growth issues. This is a chance to influence a regional policy in its infancy, [as] well as hang out with bright, like-minded people from all over Massachusetts and New England. If the first event I attended is any indication, it's a very high level of discussion."
The following information is from a friend of the Alewife Study Group.
"The Char[r]ette will be held on April to be determined. The Alewife area case study will be a part of this char[r]ette."

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