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North Cambridge Stabilization Committee

Agenda - April 11 2001

Location: 45 Yerxa Road
Time: 7:00 PM

Unfortunately, the meeting place for the NCSC (45 Yerxa Road) has been closed down for the Spring and Summer. Therefore we have had to cancel the April 11, 2001 meeting. We will be looking for a new meeting location and will announce this with the next agenda. Sorry for the cancellation and for the late notification.

Updates: (7:00 - 7:30PM)

1. Historical Markers
2. Alewife
3. Other Business

Main Agenda:

1. Sleeper Park - A sudden tree removal has occurred which appears to be contrary to the wishes expressed in the neighborhood planning process. Discussion.

2. Graffiti - Graffiti at Mutual Gas Station Site and other locations have gone unattended.

3. License Commission Proceedings - Three items are scheduled for review by the Commission on April 24th -
3-1. Verna's Coffee Shop (change of premise description)
3-2. Kaya (Extension of original approval for change of premise description)
3-3. Corner Restaurant (increase in seating from 48 to 70 seats)

Action Summary

The committee met on March 28th. After numerous updates (see March 28,2001 Agenda) two items were discussed. The first item involved a proposal by Sam Azzam to use the Long's Funeral Home premise as an office development. The proponent presented a letter from Jason Schrieber (Transportation Planner for the City of Cambridge) stating the total # of currently recognized parking spaces at the 19 Davenport address. The letter did not indicate any permission of acknowledge any allocation. The Committee discussed the proposal and recommended that the proponent meet further with the Porter Square Neighbors Association to clarify that association's point of view.

The Committee briefly discussed the Citywide Zoning Petition and concluded that it would be useful for the City Council to explain to the general public how the new zoning differs from the previous zoning. Although the new zoning is significant in scope, the City Council does not want to explain it until the Alewife and East Cambridge Portions (excluded from consideration) are completed. Although the City Council is hopeful that this will be completed soon, it is not a certain that this will ever occur. The position of the committee is that since the zoning is now the law, the public ought to be informed as to its meaning.

Questions concerning this agenda should be directed to Richard Clarey at 864-6751.

(Event sponsored - and information provided - by North Cambridge Stabilization Committee,
which is not affiliated with the Alewife Study Group)