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Invitations To Companies Around The Reservation - July 11, 2001
Sponsored by Friends of Alewife Reservation

The text below was received in a July 3, 2001 e-mail from Friends of Alewife Reservation


Dear Companies and Businesses in the Alewife area:

It's natural to care about the environment, especially where you work. That's why I'm writing to tell you about FAR and our work to improve one of Greater Boston's most beautiful and accessible nature preserves. Alewife Reservation contains over 115 acres of ponds, wetlands, and trails next door to your company. By supporting the Alewife Reservation, you're not only helping to protect the environment, you're helping to sustain a natural area of inestimable value to you and your colleagues

Friends of Alewife Reservation (FAR) wants to work with you on mutual interests in the Alewife Reservation and area. You are invited to send a company representative to a meeting with us:

JULY 11 FROM 6 TO 7.

There will be a brief ceremony recognizing companies that are already supporting the Alewife Reservation. Refreshments will be served. A short video of the Friends' activities on the Reservation will be presented.

We're worked hard to enhance and sustain Alewife as an enjoyable place to stroll and enjoy one of Boston area's largest urban wilds, but our ability to act on your behalf is limited by funding and volunteer staff. If we are to organize significant preservation projects, we will need your support. As I write, FAR is acting to ensure that Biodiversity Days continue on the Reservation with participation this year of around 70 citizens, teachers and students who view the area as an environmental treasure. With support from the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs, together with 350 towns, FAR friends and members inventoried about 200 plant and other species. This July, FAR volunteers will clean debris from Little River and Alewife Brook in canoes with ropes, tying heavy objects to trees and pulling them out from land.

As you probably know, changes are coming to the Alewife area in the form of new buildings as well as a major $75 million sewer separation and storm water project by the City of Cambridge and the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority. A master plan of the Reservation and associated waterways is being developed by the Metropolitan District Commission together with a full hydrology study. An increased and continuous effort by those of you who are neighbors to the Reservation as well as newcomers will be needed to enhance this special urban wild and prevent it from becoming a blight in the future.

FAR already has an active program. We've conducted cleanups that collected tons of debris accumulated over years. We've organized free, public guided tours led by naturalists. We've advocated for the Reservation before local and state governmental bodies and worked with the Mystic River Watershed Association on issues affecting the entire watershed region such as water quality and property abuse. We're now ready to take the next step of reaching out to local businesses and property owners to ask for your support and to discuss mutual interests. Please meet with us from 6 to 7 PM on July 11 at the Arthur D. Little Company.

(Event sponsored - and information provided - by Friends of Alewife,
which is not affiliated with the Alewife Study Group)