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Alewife Regional Forum
Jan. 17, 2002, 6:30-9:00 pm
Sponsored by Coalition for Alewife

The text below was received in a January 7, 2002 e-mail from Coalition for Alewife

From: Coalition for Alewife

You're invited ! !
More than that, we request your active participation.

Who: You, members of your organization, and other Alewife organizations.

What: Alewife Regional Forum

When: Thursday, January 17, 2002, 6:30-9:00 pm

Where: Temple Beth El, 2 Concord Ave., Belmont (intersection of Blanchard Rd.)

Why: To act jointly on shared concerns regarding the Alewife area, e.g., the Reservation, open space, flooding, land use, and traffic.

Desired result: A decision by multiple organizations to act jointly on one or more of the multiple issues that we will identify during the forum.

Meet people from organizations in Arlington, Belmont and Cambridge who share your concerns. Realize that we will more easily achieve common goals if we act together.

6:30 - 7:00 Socializing. Light refreshments. Pick up literature.
7:00 - 7:45 Brief (2-minute limit!) presentations by one speaker from each organization.
7:45 - 8:45 Discussion, moderated by Coalition member Dan Geer, to identify and prioritize issues of common concern. A chance for organizations to collaborate.
8:45 - 9:00 Wrap up. Summarize issues and priorities. Hopefully, there will be one issue we can all agree to work on together.

The Coalition for Alewife agreed to bring together concerned citizens, organizations, elected representatives, and other decision-makers from all three towns that abut Alewife. This forum is the result. While it is open to the general public, citizen organizations are central to this forum and to any agreed-on action. Your members are concerned, motivated, best able to draw in their uninvolved neighbors, and best organized to make requests of elected and appointed officials.

What you need to do:
Please forward this invitation to your members. We encourage you to further distribute it via website or listserv.

We ask participating organizations to choose one individual to make a very brief (2 minutes max!) presentation describing its essentials - its origins, concerns, and current activities. For greater detail, we also ask each organization to provide 100 copies of an information sheet, plus some copies of your current brochure and most recent newsletter, to leave at a literature table.

Please RSVP Carolyn Mieth or Aram Hollman, the forum's organizers, as soon as possible.

Carolyn Mieth
15 Brookford St.
Cambridge, MA 02140
home: tel (617) 864-6751
work: (617) 630-4995,

Aram Hollman
12 Whittemore St.
Arlington, MA 02474
home: tel (781) 648-6417,
work: tel (617) 578-3181,

Directions: Temple Beth El, at Concord Ave. and Blanchard Rd., is accessible by MBTA bus. Parking is available in the rear; enter from Blanchard Rd. Please do not bring any meat products into the building.

(Event sponsored - and information provided - by Coalition for Alewife,
which is not affiliated with the Alewife Study Group)