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Alewife Flood Forum
November 16, 2004

The Public is invited to participate in the second forum on flooding issues affecting the Alewife area. The Forum is sponsored by the Tri-Community Flood Group which includes representation from Arlington, Belmont & Cambridge.

When: Tuesday, November 16, 2004
Time: 7:00 PM
Where: Arlington Town Hall Auditorium

The Tri-Community Draft Report (flooding issues at Alewife) will be discussed as well as what additional steps should be taken.

A copy of the report (a PDF file) is on this website.

"This progress report provides a summary of the information presented to and gathered by the tri-community working group for the purpose of understanding the flooding issues attributed to the Alewife Brook and the municipal sewer systems of Arlington, Belmont, and Cambridge. The working group is comprised of municipal employees of Arlington, Belmont, and Cambridge as well as concerned residents"
The Adobe Acrobat Reader is available free at

The report is taken from the Cambridge City website:

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