ASG Newsletter #2, April 9, 2021

Premye Bilten Alewife Study Group (ASG) ki sòti nan lane  2021

Bilten, Mwa-d Mas, 2021  Premye Bilten Alewife Study Group (ASG) ki sòti nan lane  2021.  Nan bilten sa wap jwen anpil dènye nouvèl depi IQHQ (moun ki ap fè konstriksyon […]

Conservation Commission Meeting 7pm, Monday, April 12

On Monday, April 12 at 7:00, the Cambridge Conservation Commission will discuss updates to the site wetland boundaries. Because the site has areas protected under the state’s Wetlands Protection Act, […]

Love for Jerry’s Pit/Pond

Outside of 402 Rindge Ave on a beautiful spring day, a terrific cross-section of the neighborhood turned out for Reservoir Church’s 4/7/21 tabling. Reservoir, Friends of Jerry’s Pond (FOJP) and […]

TOMORROW!! 4-6pm, Outside 402 Rindge. Friends!! Info!! Swag!!

Reservoir Church is hosting an outreach and information table in front of 402 Rindge THIS Wednesday, April 7, between 4 and 6pm. Everyone will be masked and socially distant. Supporting […]

This Week, 4/5/21: Drilling, Repairing Whittemore Lots, Jerry’s Updates

Neighbors! 3 Quick Updates: DRILLING The week of April 5, IQHQ will begin the first of 19 drillings planned for the north side of the site. These drillings will serve […]

ASG’s March 2021 Newsletter

See below for our March 2021 Newsletter.

Slides & Video, ASG Jan 14, 2021 Community Meeting

Up first are the ASG presentation slides. Immediately below the slides, please find (and watch!) the video recording of the meeting.   Just below is the video of ASG’s January 14, […]

ASG’s Jan 2021 Community Meetings: Participant Comments, ASG Letter & Report to IQHQ

In January 2021, ASG hosted two community meetings to discuss the site plans. Find below: 1. All participant’s comments and questions from both the Community Meeting registration forms and Zoom […]

Activity & Use Limitation: Background Info

Introduction to the Activity & Use Limitation (AUL) on the IQHQ (former W. R. Grace) Site: What is an Activity and Use Limitation (AUL)? The AUL is a deed restriction filed […]