The News on Russell Field Is Good

State Senator Tolman to EPA on Grace Trench

W. R. Grace to Violate Asbestos Protection Ordinance? (2001)

W.R. Grace utility trench at 62 Whittemore Ave. Alewife Study Group flyer (Most of the text, plus a map, of one of two flyers hand-distributed to many North Cambridge homes […]

US EPA to W. R. Grace on Utility Trench 2000

2000 US EPA Utility Trench Comments

EPA On-Scene Coordinator Comments on Grace Utility Trench

E.P.A. to Assess if Contaminated Sports Field Imperils Health, NYT

By ADRIANNE APPEL for the The New York Times CAMBRIDGE, Mass., June 22 –The Environmental Protection Agency is investigating whether the contamination of a children’s athletic field in a bustling […]

Asbestos Sampling Plan Incomplete, ASG letter to Grace

2000 EPA Report on Asbestos (Former W. R. Grace Site) IQHQ’s Site

In 2000, at Alewife Neighbor, Inc’s and Alewife Study Group’s request, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) investigated the top six-inches (aka “the protective cover”) of the former W. R. Grace […]