Activity & Use Limitation: Background Info

Introduction┬áto the Activity & Use Limitation (AUL) on the IQHQ (former W. R. Grace) Site: What is an Activity and Use Limitation (AUL)? The AUL is a deed restriction filed […]

Activity & Use Limitation (AUL) on the W. R. Grace Site

AUL-Final-alsoIntro The AUL, or Activity and Use Limitation, is a legal document governing which activities and which uses are allowed and disallowed. The AUL is attached to the property deed. […]

IQHQ’s Required Environmental Process Filings, Summarized on March 1, 2021

At ASG’s request, Jennifer L Sweet, P.E., LSP (MA), Senior Associate and Program Manager at Haley & Aldrich, wrote this March 1, 2021 summary below of required environmental process filings […]

FAQ: Massachusetts’ Approach to Waste Site Cleanup, by Dept of Environmental Protection

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MA-DEP) classifies the former W. R. Grace site as a Tier IC hazardous waste site. There are 3 tiers of hazardous waste sites. Sites with […]

What’s allowed under current zoning at the former W. R. Grace site now IQHQ’s?

In July of 2020, developer IQHQ bought all 27 acres of the former W. R. Grace site and One Alewife Center. The shaded area of the photo *plus* One Alewife […]

Asbestos Protection Ordinance

After ASG did two years of research and months of soil-testing and analysis in conjunction with the City and W. R. Grace, Cambridge City Council passed the Asbestos Protection Ordinance, […]

Asbestos Protection Ordinance: Why we need the Ordinance, Handout 1999

Asbestos Protection Ordinance: Background Information

Passed unanimously by Cambridge City Council – an ordinance, based on this proposal, on Nov. 1, 1999. This document lists the background information which led to the Proposed 1999 “Protection […]