Species at the IQHQ Site: A working document

Hi Neighbors!

You may have seen the TWELVE Great Blue Heron at Jerry’s Pit/Pond yesterday morning (1/22/21), so we may well have even more heron nests this year.

As of January 21, 2021, below a list of bird species seen in and around the IQHQ site (the former W.R. Grace site). Other wildlife also abounds on the IQHQ property, including coyotes, gray foxes, deer, rabbits and squirrels. These are just some of the species observed. We will add as we get information.

With Thanks to neighbor Amy Kipp.


*Sightings at Jerry’s Pit/Pond are noted with an asterisk.

 (reservation) Those followed by “(reservation)” denote sightings in the adjacent Alewife Reservation area. We assume they also visit Jerry’s Pit/Pond, but we don’t know for sure.

Canada Goose *

Mute Swan *
Wood Duck *

Mallard *

Green-winged Teal (reservation)

Hooded mergansers (reservation)

Rock Pigeon *

Mourning Dove *

Killdeer (reservation)

American Woodcock *

Ring-billed Gull *
Herring Gull *

Double-crested Cormorant *
Great Blue Heron *

Green heron *
Black-crowned Night-Heron (reservation)

Cooper’s Hawk *

Red-tailed Hawk *

Red-bellied Woodpecker *

Downy Woodpecker *

Northern Flicker *

Peregrine Falcon *

Eastern Phoebe *

Eastern Kingbird *

Warbling Vireo *

Blue Jay *

American Crow *

Common Raven (reservation)

Black-capped Chickadee *

Tufted Titmouse *

White-breasted Nuthatch *

Carolina Wren (reservation)
American Robin *

Gray Catbird *

Northern Mockingbird *

European Starling *
Cedar Waxwing *

House Sparrow *

House Finch *

American Goldfinch *

Common Redpoll  (by T-station)

Dark-eyed Junco *

White-throated sparrow *

White-crowned sparrow

Song Sparrow *

Baltimore Oriole *

Red-winged Blackbird *

Common Grackle *

Yellow warbler *

Northern Cardinal *