Map Industrial Uses and Storage

The approximately 27-acres of the former W. R. Grace site has hosted a chemical plant since 1919 with the founding of Dewey & Almy Chemical Company. In 1956, W. R. […]

Asbestos: Contamination Map

Asbestos Hits Map Locations marked in red had detectable asbestos by PLM, Polarized Light Microscopy, at the percentage indicated. TEM is detection by Transmission Electron Microscopy One in six locations tested […]

Asbestos Protection Ordinance: Background Information

Asbestos protection ordinance – background information Passed unanimously by Cambridge City Council – an ordinance, based on this proposal, on Nov. 1, 1999. This document lists the background information which […]

US EPA to W. R. Grace on Utility Trench 2000

2000 US EPA Utility Trench Comments

Asbestos Protection Ordinance

Asbestos Protection Ordinance Passed by Cambridge City Council, 9 to 0, on November 1, 1999, this ordinance governs how to safely manage any disturbed soil contaminated with asbestos.

Asbestos Used in Manufacturing at W. R. Grace Site

Asbestos Used in Manufacturing at W. R. Grace site (formerly Dewey and Almy Chemical Co.) (Note: the attachments mentioned in the letter are not included on the website, because they […]

The News on Russell Field Is Good

Alewife Study Group April 2018 Update

W. R. Grace Indicted for Hiding Cancer Risk

Public Comment Letter, Keeping Residents Safe from Asbestos