Save the Date: 4:30 – 6pm, Sunday, January 31, 2021

Alewife Study Group’s next Public Meeting will be on Zoom,     4:30 – 6pm, Sunday, January 31. Details coming soon! To register, click here.

ASG Community Meeting, 6:30pm, Thurs, Jan 14, 2021

For meeting information, please click on the giant-fonted headline above. Then scroll down to our flyer. We hope to see you Thursday at 6:30!! You can register for the Zoom […]

IQHQ Announce Plans for Site

Jan 11, 2021:  IQHQ Announce plans for the site in advance of ASG Community meeting on Jan 14th and their Public Meeting on Jan. 21. IQHQ community meeting press release […]

Please scroll down for flyer translations in Spanish, Bangla, Brazilian Portuguese, Haitian Creole, Hindi and Mandarin. Amharic coming soon.

Reunión de la Comunidad sobre el Desarrollo en el Gran Sitio de Residuos Peligrosoes junto a Russell Field

Reunião da comunidade sobre a construção em um grande espaço onde há resíduos perigosos ao lado do Russell Field

关于在 Russell Field 开发建造大型有害废物场的社区会议

Reyinyon Kominote sou Devlopman nan Gran Sit Dechet Danjere Akote Russell Field

बगल में बड़े खतरनाक अपशिष्ट स्थल पर विकास के बारे में सामुदायिक बैठक

关于在Russell Field开发建造大型有害废物场的社区会议