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April 5, 2021 3 Updates: Drilling, Whittemore Lots, & Jerry’s Updates

Neighbors! 3 Quick Updates:
The week of April 5, IQHQ will begin the first of 19 drillings planned for the north side of the site. These drillings will serve two purposes. The primary purpose is to determine the type of soil so IQHQ knows what kind of building foundation is best. Since they are drilling, they will also collect and test soil samples for contaminants. The drilling is likely to continue for approximately two weeks.
One drill-hole will be on Whittemore Ave. IQHQ wanted to drill on the sidewalk in front of the buildings, but the utility wires make that impossible. So they will drill across the street in one of the parking lots.
The parking lots on Whittemore have developed cracks. IQHQ will be sealing the cracks soon. IQHQ will not cut into the blacktop.
IQHQ will also sample Jerry’s sediment and surface water. They have consulted with two wildlife experts, theirs and the neighbors’ independent wildlife consultant funded by neighborhood group, *Alewife Neighbors, Inc. (ANI) . Heron nesting season begins approximately by mid April, so testing should be done sooner than later. Since herons are wading (not swimming) birds, they stay on the edges of water. Therefore, the experts recommend sampling should start at Jerry’s edge and then toward deeper areas.
*Alewife Neighbors, Inc. (ANI) was formed to serve the residents of North Cambridge by providing reliable information on quality-of-life issues as impacted by past and future land use. The organization coordinates and participates in the monitoring and analysis of environmental, flooding, and traffic data collected with respect to land usage on parcels such as those at Russell Field, W.R. Grace properties, and the Alewife Reservation. ANI sponsors neighborhood forums, newsletters, and other public events. The mission of ANI is based on the belief that the more knowledgeable a community is, the better able it is to advocate for its own future. ANI is a tax exempt 501 (c)(3) corporation.